*Objectives of IFPS

International Federation of Piano Societies (IFPS) will be held annually in each member's country in turn. Representatives of piano societies/ associations/institutions, organizers of piano competitions/festivals/events, key figures who intend to form equivalent associations, are eligible to join this federation. Recommendation by existing members and approval by voting members are required.

*Voting Members and Observers

Voting member shall be one person (the representative of a piano society) per one city. The rest of the members shall be Observers.

*New Membership

Existing members are able to recommend one/several candidates for new membership. Once recommendation letters (and self introduction documents) are submitted, they will be examined by all the attendees at the conference and approved by voting members.

*Honorary members

Among the elderly members (candidates), those who are widely regarded as important roles in the piano world, and/or those who have outstanding achievements in piano education, etc. are possibly acknowledged as honorary members.

*Alternative opinions for "Voting Members and Observers"

(1) Voting member shall be one person from one piano society who attends the conference. The rest of the members from the same society shall be observers.

(2) Voting member shall be one person from one piano society. The rest of the members from the same society are observers.

* Fees

There is no membership fee. The federation do not possess any bank account.

The host society / organization shall prepare the appropriate place for the conference and pay the rental cost. Attendees of the conference shall cover the travel cost and accommodation expenses by themselves.

For the time being, PTNA covers the cost of production and administration of the new IFPS website.